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Quick Timeline-

An intentionally vague time-line, focusing largely on Meleagant's evil plans. Open to having items entered and left lacking in detail in parts in case anyone wants to fill it in with their own character.

(NOTE: Heroes can be any age, gender or race, locations are unspecific.)

1st Appearance- Middle Medieval Analogue:

As a human king Meleagant manipulates his oldest friend, the greatest warrior against the forces of evil, into killing a number of dangerous entities in order to gain their power to create the Evil Idol. Killed then revived as a living Idol, he was defeated and transformed.

2nd Appearance- Five years later:

After his initial death and transformation into an ethereal entity, Meleagant revived himself by possessing his own corpse. In his least subtle plan, Meleagant used his seeming invincibility to gather an army of darkness to overthrow humanity, swarming entire countries. His old friend, assisted by a mysterious stranger dubbed 'The Man in the Black Hat', successfully defeated his lieutenants and then Meleagant himself, destroying him for the first time.

3rd Appearance- One hundred years later:

Now aware he could be defeated, Meleagant changed tactics. Taking the body of his great nephew, he reclaimed his kingdom in secret, sealing off its borders and using it as a testing ground for new methods of corrupting humans. Whilst still in preparation, his realm was infiltrated by the new wielder of his gauntlet, the apprentice of his old friend. They successfully cleansed the kingdom a town at a time before facing Meleagant and destroying him once again (assisted by another person calling themselves The Man in the Black Hat).

4th Appearance- Fifty years later:

A witch that had been in Meleagant's service during his third rising specially created a body for him from her own child. Deciding this time to kill humanity instead of conquer it, Meleagant set out to kill important mystical figures that maintained the well being of the world. Travelling only with himself and a small group, he successfully murdered and replaced several key entities. It was only when it was complete the world had one year of life left in it that he was foiled, a band of heroes lead by the new wielder of the gauntlet killing Meleagant's replacements and taking the positions themselves. Meleagant was forced to take his true form for the first time, his destruction in that way banishing him for far longer.

5th Appearance- Two hundred years later:

In Meleagant's absence the world recovered from the state he had forced it into. He was thought defeated for good and in his place several opposing creatures fought to claim his place as the most evil being in the world, whilst humanity was caught in the crossfire. One wizard of good used some of Meleagant's own research to try to save the world, but only succeeded in being possessed. Unable to match his rivals whilst still weak, Meleagant instead assisted some more heroes into killing them for him, though he hoped the wielder of his gauntlet would die in the final battle so he could claim it. The appearance of another Man in a Black Hat prevented the hero's death and eventually caused Meleagant to retreat into hiding.

6th Appearance- Five years later:

In hiding, Meleagant began to create a weapon that could potentially kill humanity and was powered by numerous unique relics. Always barely a step ahead of a hero assisted by a Man in a Black Hat, Meleagant was destroyed by being caught in his own weapon.

7th Appearance- One hundred years later:

Meleagant's revival was predicted to occur at this time, and a hero was given the mission of ensuring it never came about by dealing with potential revivals. It turned out that the Man in the Black Hat this time was the devil (or analogue thereof) itself, who feared that Meleagant could usurp him. This proved to be the case when Meleagant revealed that he had been revived earlier and the potential revivals that were foiled actually assisted his goal. The devil was overcome with fear and hid at the bottom of Hell, whilst Meleagant was defeated once more.